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VetStem Biopharma Acquires 24 New Adipose Stem Cell Patents

VetStem Biopharma has completed the purchase of 24 issued patents in the area of adipose stem cell therapeutics.

2016-11-08 --

VetStem Biopharma, Inc., announced the purchase of 24 issued US and foreign patents in the field of adipose stem cell therapy. These already issued patents cover a wide range of methods and uses of adipose stem cells including coverage for therapeutic use in neurologic, hepatic hematologic, and skeletal/smooth muscle diseases and injury. Key may be the coverage for spinal and CNS trauma and disease that are very common in humans and animals. These acquired patents provide substantial expansion of the VetStem portfolio, now in excess of 70 issued patents and cover veterinary and human use.

The VetStem patent strategy has been to assure freedom to operate and to license and own patents that provide for protection of our current commercial operations and protect the products in development. “For a developing company, patents are the core of value and allow us to protect our investment. We also out-license to compatible companies bringing complementary products and services to the human and animal markets” says CEO/Founder Dr. Robert Harman.    

The recent issuance of VetStem’s own adipose stem cell patent in the EU and US provides broad coverage of adipose stem cell extraction and therapeutic use in orthopedics in both human and veterinary markets. VetStem is already in discussions to license this patent to human stem cell companies, providing additional income streams to support further its FDA product development program.

VetStem anticipates its first FDA product approval, for canine osteoarthritis, in 2018 and is seeking global partners for broad commercialization. This product will be marketed in the US by Aratana Therapeutics, VetStem’s US licensee and commercial partner. Licenses are available for ex-US territories.