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VetStem Biopharma, Inc. Founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Harman, to Speak at One Health Innovations – The Nexus of Human and Animal Medicine symposium in Kansas City

Robert Harman, DVM, Founder and CEO of Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Company VetStem Biopharma, Inc. is scheduled to speak at One Health Innovations – The Nexus of Human and Animal Medicine symposium in Kansas City ,MO on Monday August 29th.

2016-07-15 --

- Dr Harman’s lecture, titled One Medicine- A Development Model for Cellular Therapy of Diabetes, will focus on how all mammals share similar stem cell biology and the clinical, experimental, manufacturing learning’s should be shared to expedite market approval in all species. Veterinary clinical data can be used as more realistic predictors of cell therapy outcomes in human clinical studies and reduce the cost and time to develop new therapies for dogs and humans. 

He pulls from his biotechnology and veterinary experience to help VetStem perfect the clinical application of stem cell therapy for various types of injuries, illnesses, and other healing-promoting applications.  VetStem is leading in the development for regenerative medicine in the veterinary field, with over 12,000 animals treated in the last 12 years. 

The One Health Innovations- The Nexus of Human and Animal Medicine is presented as a partnership between the Schools of Veterinary Medicine at University of Missouri and Kansas State University, the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute. The two day symposium is focused on the translational and comparative aspects of human and animal medicine. The keynote speakers are Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD and Amy K. LeBlanc, DVM, DACVIM with a special guest speaker Luis Carlos Montalván. The symposium is designed for physicians, veterinarians, and scientists interested in research and clinical studies of cellular therapies.

VetStem first pioneered adipose derived stem cell therapy for use in horses for tendon injuries, as an alternative to euthanasia.  Just two years after the first horse was treated, VetStem treated the first cat and dog. In 2007 the first peer reviewed, randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled, multi-center study using VetStem therapy was published showing intra-articular injection of autologous adipose derived stem cells in the hip joint of a dog decreased patient discomfort and increased patient functional ability. That same year VetStem brought to market the Genesis Platelet Rich Plasma concentration system, as well as the first formal small animal stem cell credentialing course.

In 2015, VetStem (now VetStem Biopharma) announced the successful completion of a pilot efficacy study for allogeneic stem cell therapy (90 dogs, multi-center, blinded, placebo controlled) in support of an FDA INAD. Primary end point was statistically significant. The study has been submitted for peer reviewed publication. VetStem also entered into a distribution and clinical research agreement with Pall LifeSciences, including exclusive distribution rights in the US and Canada on V-PETTM platelet enhancement therapy system. V-PET is the only veterinary platelet therapy system supported by a JAVMA peer reviewed publication of a multi center, double-blinded, randomized study in dogs.