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Leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Company, VetStem Biopharma, announces the addition of Dr Ross Rich as the Director of Clinical Development.

VetStem Biopharma proudly announces former owner of Cave Creek Equine Surgical and Diagnostic Imaging Center, Ross Rich DVM, PA-C, as Director of Clinical Development

2015-05-19 --

VetStem Biopharma proudly announces former owner of Cave Creek Equine Surgical and Diagnostic Imaging Center, Ross Rich DVM, PA-C, as Director of Clinical Development.   


“With over 25 years of experience in the equine market and having extensive hands on experience in the regenerative medicine field Dr. Rich will be a great addition to our veterinarian led organization”.  Dr. Alexis Nahama, President and Chief Commercial Officer, explains. “Dr. Rich will be responsible for the continued development of new services, products and clinical data generation for both our small animal and equine clients.  We believe his rigorous military background; his extensive knowledge of regenerative medicine and his hands on experience over the last 10 years gives Dr Rich a unique perspective on what new products and services will be most valuable to our clients.”


Dr. Rich was born and raised in Arizona and competed successfully as a youth in the American Quarter Horse Association. He spent 7 years in the US Army Special Forces during the Vietnam era, and did his undergraduate and graduate education at Duke University. He practiced human orthopedics, sports medicine, and sports medicine rehabilitation as well as participating in research studies, as a Physician Assistant at Duke University Medical Center for 8 years, in the 1980's. Rekindling his interest in horses, Dr. Rich returned to school and received a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at North Carolina State University in 1990. Following veterinary school, he completed a 4 year surgical internship and residency in Equine Surgery at New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania. In 2002, Dr. Rich opened the doors to Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Diagnostic Imaging Center, and built the hospital to be an extremely successful and high quality practice that he sold in 2015.


Dr. Rich is an ISELP trained lameness and diagnostic imaging specialist, and an expert in the treatment of orthopedic injuries with Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Rich treated over 600 patients using the VetStem procedure and presented three single center studies for horses treated with the VetStem therapy over the last 3 years.


“I am so excited to join the VetStem team, and to have the opportunity to help bring regenerative medicine to the forefront of medical therapy and FDA approval. During the past 11 years, while implementing stem cell therapy in my equine sports medicine and surgical practice, I was constantly amazed at the tendon, ligament, bone, and joint injuries that I was now able to fix using regenerative medicine, that I could never fix before. Not only could we now repair these injuries with VetStem’s adipose-derived stem cells, but the convalescent time was dramatically shortened, and re-injury rates dramatically reduced when the horses returned to competition. This provided huge financial savings for the owners, as well as a reduction in their emotional distress, when you take into account all of the costs of maintaining a horse during the rehab period, the time lost from competition, and the significant reduction in re-injury rates after returning to competition.

I look forward to my future with VetStem, and to helping develop better ways to treat injuries and disease processes in both small animals and horses with regenerative medicine. I am also really looking forward to relocating to the San Diego, CA area. I have loved living in Arizona, but I can honestly say that I won’t miss avoiding the long hot AZ summers for a few years. Big things are coming in the regenerative medicine world, and I am thrilled to be getting in on the ground floor of the movement with VetStem.”

said Dr.  Rich.