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Vet-Stem, Inc. meets new milestones and changes name to VetStem Biopharma

2015-04-21 --

Leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine company Vet-Stem, Inc., announced key milestones in its allogeneic stem-cell product development program and changes its’ name to VetStem Biopharma to properly reflect the corporate strategic direction.

“I am extremely pleased to announce that our allogeneic (donor) adipose stem cell development program has been kicked into high gear with the completion of our cGMP manufacturing facility and hiring of our new Director of Research and Development. I am delighted to officially welcome Kevin Hicok to our executive team as our Director of Research and Development” stated Dr Bob Harman (CEO and Chief Science Officer).

Kevin comes to Vet-Stem, Inc. with over 20 years of research experience in the field of adult stem and regenerative cell therapeutics.  His experience includes R&D positions with Osiris Therapeutics, Artecel Sciences, Cytori Therapeutics, and the Mayo Clinic.  With his experience managing basic and applied research groups, as well as his expertise in applying GLP, GTP and cGMP quality standards to research practice, Kevin will support the VetStem Biopharma development team in the steps needed to gain FDA approval for allogeneic stem cell therapies in dogs, cats, and horses.

“VetStem’s total dedication to the patients’ needs reminds me of my tenure as a scientist at the Mayo Clinic. The science and the therapeutic possibilities are so exciting! I am proud to be part of such a dedicated group of people and help them take the company to the next level”, said Kevin Hicok.

“Everything we do today is geared towards meeting and exceeding pharmaceutical industry standards. We track cases through an internal reporting system. We approve our documents through an internal regulatory review process. We operate our company through a set of over 400 quality standard operating procedures. We are truly a bio-pharmaceutical company and our new name reflects this reality and our future directions” said Dr. Alexis Nahama (President and Chief Commercial Officer).