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Peak Performance Veterinary Group at Frisco Animal Hospital Seeks Candidates for an Investigational Study of Stem Cells for Dogs with Arthritis

2014-08-07 --

Local veterinarian, Dr. Jamie Gaynor, and his team at Peak Performance Veterinary Group at Frisco Animal Hospital are seeking candidates to participate in an investigational study of stem cells for dogs with osteoarthritis.  The ultimate goal of this study is to determine if a single injection of donor stem cells into one or two arthritically affected joints can help reduce pain and inflammation in the treated joints.

Recent data reported that as many as 65% of dogs over seven years old are affected by arthritis, with certain breeds even higher, up to 70%. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease thus expected to continue to progress.

Candidates for the current investigational study must be older than nine months, weigh more than five and a half pounds, have osteoarthritis of only one or two leg joints, have had pain or lameness for at least three months, and must not have cancer.  Joints that will be included in the study and injected under anesthesia include hips, stifles, shoulders, and elbows.  Dogs that may be considered must be in good health and undergo a diagnostic work up before qualifying for the study.  Dogs that qualify for the study may not have had previous stem cell therapy of any kind.

Dr. Gaynor has been involved in clinical trials since 2004; first in the Pike's Peak region of Colorado and now in Frisco, Colorado.  He has been the only pain management / anesthesia practice dedicating significant amounts of time and resources to this important endeavor.  Frisco Animal Hospital is located 700 Summit Blvd., Frisco, Colorado. 

For information about the study, Dr. Gaynor can be reached at 719-330-5608.