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Stem Cell Therapy for Pets in Summit County Colorado Proves to Be a Success for Local Dog Suffering from Pain

2014-03-21 --

Ruby, a 10 year old Border Collie mix from Breckenridge, Colorado, has found relief from the pain of arthritis with stem cell therapy by Vet-Stem, Inc.  Ruby’s owners came to Jamie Gaynor, DVM at Frisco Animal Hospital for a second opinion after being told Ruby would need a total hip replacement to relieve her constant pain and discomfort.  Her quality of life had diminished so rapidly they feared losing her. 

Dr. Gaynor began performing stem cell therapy by Vet-Stem for pets in 2006, in Colorado Springs.  Paralleling his specialties in pain management, he has now helped well over one hundred pets in the state of Colorado, and ones that traveled just to have his expertise.  His credentials and experience made Dr. Gaynor the perfect fit for helping Ruby’s worsening bilateral hip arthritis despite aggressive drug therapy.  Ruby would become Dr. Gaynor’s first stem cell therapy case at Frisco Animal Hospital; Summit County’s first and oldest animal hospital.

“Ruby was in constant pain and discomfort.  She had to be carried up stairs and could not go on car rides; her second favorite thing to do.  Her quality of life was diminishing rapidly, and we thought we were losing her,” explained Ruby’s owners.

Ruby’s stem cell procedure consisted of a small fatty tissue collection, which was sent overnight to Vet-Stem’s lab in California for processing.  Once Ruby’s fat was processed, and stem cells were extracted, fresh doses of her stem cells were sent overnight back to Dr. Gaynor in injectable doses.  Within 48hrs of collecting a fat sample from Ruby, Dr. Gaynor was able to inject stem cells into each of her arthritic, painful hips, making Ruby his first stem cell therapy case in Summit County.

Dr. Gaynor and Ruby’s owners were both pleased with the successful outcome of the procedure, and had the opportunity to share during her 30 day recheck.  “Ruby is back!  She has regained her playfulness, sassy, bossy, collie attitude.  She has resumed going for car rides and can stand up and stabilize herself.  She jumps out of the car without hesitation.  She ascends and descends the stairs like she used to,” her owners remarked about Ruby’s physical performance.

“Her entire disposition and expressions are so animated and relaxed.  I forgot how she used to smile, hold her ears up, and have endless energy.  She is definitely out of pain, and her mobility is at 80%!  The best part is, that she continues to heal and get stronger each week.  This procedure is hands down the most effective, least traumatic therapy available, especially for the older dog,” Ruby’s owners expressed.       

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