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Vet-Stem, Inc. and Petplan Work Together in the New Year to Bring Regenerative Cell Therapies to Pets

2014-02-13 --

The leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine company, Vet-Stem, Inc., and America’s best-loved pet insurer, Petplan, are working together to bring stem cell therapy and other regenerative cell therapies to pets nationwide.  Stem cell therapy by Vet-Stem has been available for pets like dogs and cats for the last decade and covered by Petplan since 2010.  

Founded in 2003 by Chris and Natasha Ashton, Petplan was recently named to Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of America’s Most Promising Companies for the second year in a row, and is rated one of the top pet insurance companies by Consumer Advocate and Canine Journal. Petplan proudly offers life-long coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions as well as alternative treatments, like stem cell therapy, as standard. 

“Our core value is that ‘pets come first,’ and that starts with our comprehensive plans.  So, we’re excited to see so many of our policyholders start to take advantage of cutting-edge treatments like Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy. Our team thrives on being able to provide coverage for the best and most up-to-date treatment modalities for the pets in our Petplan family, so hearing great stories about stem cell therapy from our policyholders is a real boost for us!” - Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Veterinary Services at Petplan. 

Current uses of stem cell therapy are treating the pain and inflammation from arthritis and to repair orthopedic injuries.  According to veterinarians, greater than 80% of dogs showed an improved quality of life after stem cell therapy.  At 90 days post-treatment, more than 33% of dogs discontinued use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) completely, with an additional 28% decreasing their usage.     

“I started Vet-Stem in order to help horses with career-ending injuries to their tendons and ligaments, but so many more animals have been saved from a life of pain or even from euthanasia. I feel privileged and excited to be a part of this therapy that has changed how veterinary medicine is practiced, as well as contributing to changes in human medicine,” - Robert Harman, DVM, CEO, Vet-Stem, Inc.


About Vet-Stem, Inc.

Vet-Stem, Inc. was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the veterinary profession.  The privately held company is working to develop therapies in veterinary medicine that apply regenerative technologies while utilizing the natural healing properties inherent in all animals.  As the first company in the United States to provide an adipose-derived stem cell service to veterinarians for their patients, Vet-Stem, Inc. pioneered the use of regenerative stem cells in veterinary medicine.  The company holds exclusive licenses to over 50 patents including world-wide veterinary rights for use of adipose derived stem cells.  In the last decade over 10,000 animals have been treated using Vet-Stem, Inc.’s services, and Vet-Stem is actively investigating stem cell therapy for immune-mediated and inflammatory disease, as well as organ disease and failure.