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Vet-Stem, Inc. is Proud to Announce its 10,000th Animal in 10 Years of Stem Cell Therapy

2014-01-18 --

The leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Company, Vet-Stem, Inc., is proud to announce that its regenerative stem cell therapy has been used to treat 10,000 animals in the last 10 years of offering tissue processing services to veterinarians.  Vet-Stem was founded in 2002, seeking to discover a successful treatment for horses with potentially fatal injuries to tendons and ligaments.

Dr. Robert Harman, CEO and Founder of Vet-Stem has spoken at many human and veterinary conferences sharing the results of real treatments. He has also authored or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers on stem cells as well as written book chapters on stem cells.

In 2003 Vet-Stem signed a worldwide exclusive license for adipose-derived (fat derived) stem cell technology for veterinary application, and the first horse was treated. Shortly after, the first dogs were treated with Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy.  Vet-Stem started providing stem cell banking to their clients from the beginning so that cells could be stored for future use. By August of 2005 500 horses had been treated.  Vet-Stem had effectively introduced a new, natural, injectable treatment to the equine and small animal veterinary industry that could serve as an alternative to euthanasia for some conditions.

By April 2006, 1000 animals had been treated using Vet-Stem cell therapy, including the first cat.  Another milestone was the first ever randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled multi-centered study that was published reporting that using Vet-Stem processing, intra-articular injection of adipose-derived stem cells into the hip joint of a dog decreases patient discomfort and increases patient functional ability in relation to arthritis. 

Only nine months after formally launching a Small Animal application, over 1,000 dogs had been treated for orthopedic conditions.  At the same time Veterinary Therapeutics published a peer-reviewed study on the use of stem cells for treatment of chronic osteoarthritis in the elbow of dogs.  The clinical trial reported significant improvement in lameness, range of motion, and functional ability in dogs treated with Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy.

Although the large majority of animals treated have been horses, dogs and cats, Vet-Stem has provided services for exotic species as well. The U.S. Navy, Office of Naval Research, awarded Vet-Stem a contract to engage in a collaborative study of stem cell biology in marine mammals in 2009.  From this, the first peer-reviewed article was published showing successful isolation of stem cells from dolphin fat. Several media outlets featured a story on a panther from the Tallahassee Museum who received stem cell therapy by Vet-Stem for arthritis of the elbow in 2011.  After the therapy he was able to stand up and scratch on his favorite tree with both front paws.

“I started Vet-Stem in order to help horses with career ending injuries to their tendons and ligaments but so many more animals have been saved from a life of pain or even from euthanasia. I feel privileged and excited to be a part of this therapy that has changed how veterinary medicine is practiced as well as contributing to changes in human medicine,” – Robert Harman, DVM, CEO and Founder of Vet-Stem, Inc.

About Vet-Stem, Inc.

Vet-Stem, Inc. was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the veterinary profession.  The privately held company is working to develop therapies in veterinary medicine that apply regenerative technologies while utilizing the natural healing properties inherent in all animals.  As the first company in the United States to provide an adipose-derived stem cell service to veterinarians for their patients, Vet-Stem, Inc. pioneered the use of regenerative stem cells in veterinary medicine.  The company holds exclusive licenses to over 50 patents including world-wide veterinary rights for use of adipose derived stem cells.  In the last decade over 10,000 animals have been treated using Vet-Stem, Inc.’s services, and Vet-Stem is actively investigating stem cell therapy for immune-mediated and inflammatory disease, as well as organ disease and failure.