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Stem Cell Therapy by Vet-Stem, a Surprising Alternative to Hip Surgery for a New Jersey Chocolate Labrador Retriever

2013-12-17 --

Amazing Grace Hamilton's banked stem cells from Vet-Stem, Inc. have recently helped her avoid hip surgery for the second time.  "Gracie" is now nearly 12 years old and her owners noticed her activities had dramatically slowed in the last year.  They turned to banked stem cells that Gracie had stored with Vet-Stem, Inc. in Poway, California to help with the discomfort and pain of arthritis that was slowing her down.

When Gracie's owners brought her to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, New Jersey in October of this year the x-rays showed a severely deteriorated right hip.  Dr. Thomas Scavelli and Dr. Michael Hoelzler were very concerned and recommended hip replacement.  Gracie's owners wanted to try stem cell therapy first, since it had given them such positive results five years before.

"We needed to give the stem cells a try before going to the more invasive surgical approach," Mrs. Hamilton said, "At the time of the procedure Dr. Hoelzler told me that Gracie’s hips were the worst he had seen, but in just a couple of days after the stem cell therapy we began to see a difference.  Just shy of two weeks after the procedure I took her back to Dr. Hoelzler and he was very impressed.  She was walking comfortably."     


At three years Gracie had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  By six years of age she had slowed “to the point of great concern” as her owners described it.  The pain caused by arthritis from the hip dysplasia “was beginning to interfere with her life.” 


“Gracie was no longer running and jumping, and certain activities had become difficult (like climbing onto my husband’s sailboat).  She also had a noticeable limp,” Mrs. Hamilton remembered the signs of pain and discomfort that prompted Gracie’s first stem cell therapy five years before.


Gracie was brought to Dr. Scavelli in 2008 with painful symptoms, and stem cell therapy for pets was the latest, cutting edge treatment.  Gracie’s owners understood that without stem cell therapy Gracie would have faced hip surgery at the time.


"We are grateful for stem cell therapy which has restored Gracie’s ability to enjoy her morning walks again," Mrs. Hamilton shared, "She enjoys wrestling with us and playing with her toys.  She looks forward to visiting her friends, and prances around like a puppy.  Gracie is a happy dog and we are happy owners because she does not appear to be in pain anymore!" 

About Vet-Stem, Inc.

Vet-Stem, Inc. was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the veterinary profession.  The privately held company is working to develop therapies in veterinary medicine that apply regenerative technologies while utilizing the natural healing properties inherent in all animals.  As the first company in the United States to provide an adipose-derived stem cell service to veterinarians for their patients, Vet-Stem, Inc. pioneered the use of regenerative stem cells in veterinary medicine.  The company holds exclusive licenses to over 50 patents including world-wide veterinary rights for use of adipose derived stem cells.  In the last decade over 10,000 animals have been treated using Vet-Stem, Inc.'s services, and Vet-Stem is actively investigating stem cell therapy for immune-mediated and inflammatory disease, as well as organ disease and failure.  

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