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San Diego Canine Overcomes Pain to Achieve Championship with the Help of Paradise Veterinary Hospital and Vet-Stem, Inc.

2013-12-12 --

Noni is a ten year old released Canine Companion for Independence dog who just achieved her Master Agility Champion status after the pain from arthritis tried to slow her down.  Noni's owner, Dr. Kim Dembinski, a veterinarian at Paradise Veterinary Hospital in San Diego turned to stem cell therapy by Vet-Stem, Inc. and fellow colleague Dr. Jennipher Harris to help Noni.

When Dr. Dembinski noticed weakness and discomfort in her aging agility dog she was proactive in keeping Noni happy and comfortable, "The main thought was that she gives so much between therapy work, being my best friend, and as the clinic mascot that giving her relief from pain and her being more comfortable was the least I could do for her."

Noni's stem cell therapy involved a small fat sample collection, which was brought to Vet-Stem's lab in Poway, California.  There, highly trained lab technicians processed Noni's fat tissue to isolate the stem cells into doses that could be injected into the arthritic joints that were causing her pain.  Normally the tissue is shipped overnight to Vet-Stem and the cells are shipped overnight back to the veterinarian making doses available within 48 hours, but because Paradise Veterinary Hospital is located near Vet-Stem Noni's stem cell doses were available for injection the same day the fat sample was collected.

"Noni did very well post procedure; she regained muscle strength and flexibility," Dr. Dembinski reported, "Noni did four weeks of rehab then went right back to competing in agility.  Six months after the procedure she earned her MACH (Master Agility Champion), AKC (American Kennel Club) title.  Because of her stem cell therapy she is still comfortable and playing agility!"

Dr. Dembinski is a general practitioner for pets including dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and exotics.  She is currently owner and primary veterinarian at Paradise Veterinary Hospital and sits on the board of the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association. Caring for animals is not just a job for Dr. Dembinski, it is a passion.  In her free time she and Noni compete in dog agility trials with AKC, North American Dog Agility Council and Canine Performance Events.

About Vet-Stem, Inc.

Vet-Stem, Inc. was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the veterinary profession.  The privately held company is working to develop therapies in veterinary medicine that apply regenerative technologies while utilizing the natural healing properties inherent in all animals.  As the first company in the United States to provide an adipose-derived stem cell service to veterinarians for their patients, Vet-Stem, Inc. pioneered the use of regenerative stem cells in veterinary medicine.  The company holds exclusive licenses to over 50 patents including world-wide veterinary rights for use of adipose derived stem cells.  In the last decade over 10,000 animals have been treated using Vet-Stem, Inc.’s services, and Vet-Stem is actively investigating stem cell therapy for immune-mediated and inflammatory disease, as well as organ disease and failure.  

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