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Center Veterinary Clinic in Mira Mesa Turns to Natural Healing using Stem Cells to Help a Pet in Pain

2013-10-03 --

Center Veterinary Clinic has returned four year old Zedd the dog to a life without pain using Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy.  Locally based Vet-Stem, Inc. is a leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine company whose stem cell services have been used to treat over 10,000 animals over the last ten years.  Dr. Matthew Bigelow and Zedd's owners turned to stem cells for Zedd, a large mastiff mix, when his pain became so great that he could not go a day without medication, needed help getting up from a lying position, and walked with a very obvious limp.

Three months after Zedd's stem cell therapy his owners Paula and Chuck Newby are very pleased to report, "Zedd’s improvement was immediate.  We could not believe how fast the change occurred. He has been a completely different dog since the stem cell therapy; So much energy and playfulness that just wasn’t there before."

Zedd was diagnosed with bilateral hip and elbow dysplasia at just eleven months old.  By four years old he had developed arthritis and it had become obvious to his owners that he was suffering and in pain.  In addition to limping, and difficulty rising, Zedd had stopped trying to use the ramp to get in and out of the car.  Instead, he had to be picked up and helped in and out of the car to get to his veterinary appointments leading up to his stem cell therapy.

For Zedd's stem cell therapy, a small portion of fatty tissue was collected from him and couriered to Vet-Stem’s labs for processing.  Concentrated doses of Zedd's own stem cells were couriered back to Dr. Bigelow at Center Veterinary Clinic the next day, to be injected into Zedd’s arthritic joints.  Stem cells are natural healing cells that exist in the body, and when applied to a joint with pain, injury or inflammation, have been shown to increase the body’s normal healing capabilities.

"Though he has never been able to jump up into our car, he can get in and out so much easier now, and without our help," remarks Paula.  "We are just so very pleased that our four year old dog acts like a four year old dog, with a bit more 'zip'… And the medication for his pain has been discontinued since his stem cell procedure!"

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