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VetStem Biopharma Successful in Multiple Patent Licensing Deals

Leading regenerative veterinary medicine company, VetStem Biopharma, was successful in recent adipose derived stem cell therapy licensing.

2021-01-12 --

Regenerative veterinary medicine company, VetStem Biopharma, provides adipose derived stem cell processing services to veterinarians for their patients in the United States and Canada. Since the first VetStem recipient in 2004, VetStem has processed nearly 14,000 patient samples, resulting in over 30,000 stem cell treatments.

As a leader in the field, VetStem holds exclusive global veterinary licenses to a portfolio of issued patents in the field of regenerative medicine and owns a number of patents and patent applications. VetStem CEO and founder, Dr. Bob Harman, believes these patents are an important way to strengthen the company’s intellectual property in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine. Dr. Harman stated, “It is crucial to take appropriate actions to protect the market we are developing. We have invested heavily in patent protection of our technology and recently engaged appropriate counsel to pursue licensing and patent enforcement.”

VetStem’s goal is to provide opportunities to potentially infringing companies to license one or more of our patents. Litigation is only a last resort when an infringer refuses to engage in good faith licensing talks. VetStem has successfully negotiated royalty-bearing licenses with multiple human and veterinary stem cell companies that provide a potential infringer with a license to utilize our patents in their own business model. Everyone wins including the customers that will potentially use these licensed products.

“Our recent successes in licensing will optimize the value of our company and further solidify our stake in the market. A recent sublicense by one of our licensees brought VetStem $1.75 million in upfront licensing revenue.” said Dr. Harman. “We are happy to work with companies interested in licensing our technology for commercial use.”

As the first company to provide adipose derived stem cell services to veterinarians in the United States and Canada, VetStem strives to stay at the forefront of the field. In 2018, with nearly 15 years of data and experience, they spun out a human adipose derived stem cell company, Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. (PSC). With the goal to advance and legitimize stem cell therapy for people, PSC provides quality stem cell processing services within FDA approved clinical trials.