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VetStem Biopharma Shares the Success Story of Babette who was Treated with VetStem Cell Therapy by Dr. Julie Reck

Babette, a hound mix, was treated for arthritis in her hips and knees with VetStem Cell Therapy by Dr. Julie Reck of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill.

2020-08-25 --

Babette is a 15-year-old hound mix. Her owner noticed that she was struggling to go up stairs. According to her owner, when she tried to ascend the stairs, her back legs would give out, causing her to lose her balance and fall. Eventually, she would make it up, however she would appear to be in pain. She also had difficulty getting into the car and getting up from the floor. In addition, she slowed down on walks.

Babette’s veterinarian, Dr. Julie Reck of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill, examined and x-rayed Babette and determined she has osteoarthritis in her hips and knees. Having successfully treated her own arthritic dog with stem cells, Dr. Reck recommended Babette receive VetStem Cell Therapy. Stem cells are regenerative cells that can differentiate into many tissue types, reduce pain and inflammation, help to restore range of motion, and stimulate regeneration of tendon, ligament and joint tissues.

To begin the process, Dr. Reck collected fat tissue from Babette’s abdomen in a minimally invasive anesthetic procedure. The fat was aseptically packaged and shipped to the VetStem laboratory in Poway, California. Once received, VetStem lab technicians processed the fat to extract and concentrate Babette’s stem and regenerative cells. Five injectable doses of Babette’s own stem cells were shipped back to Dr. Reck. Approximately 48 hours after the initial fat collection, Babette received one injection into each knee and hip joint as well as one intravenous injection.

Approximately 30 days after treatment, Babette’s owner noted she could go up stairs without difficulty. She no longer panted in pain and was able to walk faster and for a longer time. She was also able to get into the car with more willingness and ease. Her owner stated, “She has become a younger dog since having this procedure. I am so grateful that I was able to do this for my Babette. I want her to have quality of life!!! I am so thankful for Dr. Reck and her expertise with stem cell therapy. Thank you, VetStem Biopharma, for offering this.”

VetStem has been providing stem cell processing services to veterinarians for their patients since 2004. Like Babette, greater than 80% of dogs experienced a better quality of life after receiving VetStem Cell Therapy for orthopedic conditions (based on surveys from dog owners and veterinarians). In peer-reviewed literature, VetStem Cell Therapy has shown to reduce lameness and pain in dogs with chronic osteoarthritis.

About Julie Reck, DVM
Dr. Reck received her DVM from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She developed a strong interest in surgery and has performed thousands of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. In 2011, Dr. Reck founded the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill and it quickly grew into a flourishing 5 doctor practice just south of Charlotte, NC. Dr. Reck has been utilizing VetStem’s services since 2019.