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New Patent for Stem Cells Issued to VetStem Biopharma

VetStem Biopharma was issued a new patent for using novel stem cell compositions in all mammals, including humans.

2020-05-14 --

Leading regenerative veterinary medicine company, VetStem Biopharma, has been issued a major patent that covers multiple methods of preparing and using novel stem cell compositions and kits comprising the same. This patent focuses on stem cell compositions from adipose (fat) tissue and covers all types of injury or disease in mammals including humans. The patent also covers methods for freezing, container storage, shipping of the containers to doctors and veterinarians, and storing the cell population under refrigeration.

The new patent adds to VetStem’s patent portfolio for use in veterinary medicine. VetStem has licensed much of this portfolio to Personalized Stem Cells, Inc., a spinoff of VetStem, for use in humans. CEO and founder of both VetStem and PSC, Dr. Bob Harman, believes these patents are an important way to strengthen the company’s intellectual property in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine. Dr. Harman believes it is crucial to take appropriate actions to protect the market they are developing and to optimize the value of the companies. Dr. Harman stated, “We have invested heavily in patent protection of our technology and we have engaged appropriate counsel to work with companies interested in licensing our technology for commercial use.”

VetStem is the first company to provide adipose derived stem cell services to veterinarians in the United States and Canada and has provided those services for over 14,000 animals. PSC was formed in 2018 as a spinoff of VetStem and started its first FDA approved clinical trial in December of 2019 for knee osteoarthritis. Both VetStem and PSC strive to stay at the forefront of the field to advance and legitimize stem cell treatments. They continue to explore non-standard uses for stem cells such as organ failure, traumatic brain injury, and immune-mediated diseases. Most recently, PSC submitted an Investigational New Drug application for a clinical trial for COVID-19 patients.