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VetStem Biopharma is Pleased to Announce that Dr. Andreana Lim of McGrath Veterinary Center is Now Offering VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy

Dr. Andreana Lim became credentialed to perform VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy in November 2017. Her first patient was an arthritic canine who was initially treated in Hawaii before his parents relocated to California.

2018-09-25 --

Dr. Andreana Lim became credentialed to perform VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy in November 2017. Her first patient was a canine with arthritis in his knees and hips. He was initially treated with VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy in July 2010 at a veterinary hospital in Hawaii. His owners recently relocated to California and sought another stem cell treatment with Dr. Lim of McGrath Veterinary Center.

As a courtesy, and because it was Dr. Lim’s first stem cell treatment, VetStem organized to have an experienced stem cell provider, Dr. Jerrold Bausman, assist Dr. Lim with the procedure. Pulling from over ten years of experience utilizing VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy, Dr. Basuman provided direction and problem-solving tips to help with joint injections, giving Dr. Lim added confidence to perform future stem cell treatments unassisted. Shortly after the procedure, Dr. Bausman reported that it went great and that Dr. Lim is a pro.

At the time of the treatment, Dr. Lim’s patient had several therapeutic stem cell doses banked from his initial fat collection in 2010. Thus, she was able to simply request the doses and her patient did not have to undergo an additional fat collection procedure. Dr. Lim injected the dog’s own stem cells into both of his knees as well as both hips. Approximately 50 days after his stem cell therapy, Dr. Lim reported that his owners noticed almost immediate improvement. His activity level had increased, he was less stiff, and he was able to take longer walks.

VetStem has provided training to perform VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy for nearly 5,000 veterinarians across the United States and Canada, allowing for continued treatments to occur even if pet owners relocate. Over 14,000 patients have been treated utilizing the companies autologous stem cell service. VetStem Cell Therapy is currently indicated for the treatment of arthritis and soft tissue injuries in dogs, cats, and horses.

About Andreana Lim, DVM
Dr. Andreana Lim received her BS in Animal Biology from UC Davis. She worked in research for three years before attending Western University of Health Sciences where she received her DVM. She completed a small animal rotating internship at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital where she had the privilege of witnessing several successful stem cell cases. She is currently a general practitioner at McGrath Veterinary Center. Her veterinary interests include regenerative medicine and nutrition.