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Vet-Stem Provides Free Lifetime of Stem Cells for Canine War Hero

2010-11-24 --

Lex Lee is a canine commemorative Purple Heart recipient who was a Marine Corps bomb-sniffing canine stationed in Fallujah. Lex survived a rocket-propelled grenade blast in March of 2007 that left him severely injured and took the life of his handler, Corporal Dustin J. Lee. 

Since that time, Lex has struggled with several problems related to his injuries including chronic arthritis. Dr. Lee Morgan of the Georgetown Veterinary Hospital teamed up with K9 Soldiers and Jerome and Rachel Lee in order to provide Lex with relief from the pain of his war injuries.

Dr. Morgan elected to use Vet-Stem Cell therapy to treat Lex's arthritis and to hopefully regenerate damage from injuries sustained while serving in Fallujah. Dr. Morgan collected of a small amount of fat, sent it to Vet-Stem where the fat was processed, then Vet-Stem sent the isolated stem cells for injection two days later. 

In honor of the contributions that Lex and the Lee family have made to the safety and freedom of people here and abroad, Vet-Stem will provide a free lifetime supply of Lex's stem cells for as long as Lex might benefit from them. Approximately half the dogs treated with stem cell therapy will need to be re-treated within two years. Vet-Stem has over 18,000 doses of stem cells stored for thousands of animals and can create more by using stem cell culture technology. 

"We are pleased to be a part of this great effort and to do our small part in providing comfort to Lex and the Lee family and we appreciate Dr. Morgan's contribution and discounted services." Says Vet-Stem Founder and CEO Robert Harman. 

Dr. Morgan noted "This is one of the most important patients that I have seen in 14 years of practice. I was surprised to see how quickly Lex was responding to the stem cell therapy. His owners and I are excited about the possibility of giving him an improved quality of life."

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