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Arthritis Literature References

Induction of Chondrogenesis and SZP in knee - Lee

Chondrogenic Potential of Cultured ADAS - Erickson

Applications in Cartilage Repair and Osteoarthritis Therapy - Mobasheri 2009

Repair of Osteochondral Defects Abstract - Nathan et al

Peer Reviewed Multicenter Clinical Study in Chronic Osteoarthritis of the Elbow Joint

First Peer Reviewed Double-Blinded Multicenter Study for Canine Osteoarthritis of the Hip Joint

Case Studies:

Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy in the Treatment of Canine Degenerative Joint Disease Secondary to Conformational Abnormalities

8 Year Old Schnauzer Mix with Chronic Hip Lameness

5 Year Old Vizsla with Chronic Stifle Lameness