VIDEO: Gary Brown, DVM, DACVS featured on ABC 7 News

>AnnouncementGary Brown, DVM, DACVS
featured on:
San Francisco's ABC 7 News for treating Cris, a five-year-old German Shepherd police dog.

Officer Snelson took Cris to Dr. Gary Brown, a veterinary surgeon who has treated dozens of injured police dogs.

"A big red flag went up because that type of injury is often repetitive," the doctor explained.

Instead of surgery, Brown opted for an emerging treatment using Cris' own stem cells. After removing body fat from the stomach area, Brown sent them to a lab in San Diego which extracted the cells and returned them in less than 48 hours.

"So, we sterily injected an aliquot of stem cells next to the muscle at the injury, at the other side, and some of it intravenously through a filter," Brown said, explaining the process.

Brown then monitored ultrasounds which showed the return of normal muscle growth over several months.

"And, at eleven weeks it's starting to look like normal muscle; the dog is clinically normal and so we put him into rehabilitee stretching rehab," Brown said.

Eventually, Cris was able to chase down suspects during drills. His progress continued to the point that he was able to rejoin the force two months ago.

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