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Cooper- Veterinarian, Dr. Valerie Warmuth's Dog

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Within the first 30 days after Cooper's stem cell therapy, we noticed a mild to moderate decrease in his hind limb lameness and an increase in his daily comfort. Cooper continued to improve over the next two months, and this improvement was in the face of increased exercise, as a new puppy was introduced to our house. His range of motion increased in both hips, with increased comfort on his exam. At his three month medical progress exam, which included radiographs, I was astounded to see the marked improvement in the articular surfaces of both coxofemoral joints. Four months from the stem cell treatment, Cooper is comfortable on a daily basis, mild lameness might be observed once a month after excessive exercise, and he is maintaining this level of comfort with a 50% reduction in his daily NSAID and a daily glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. I recommend VetStem regularly to my patients, so their pets may also enjoy a relief from pain and an increase in their quality and longevity of life.