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Jake - osteoarthritis in both hips

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Jake suffered from pain caused by chronic osteoarthritis in both hips. At the young age of seven months he had special surgery on both hips, but unfortunately by seven years old he was showing severe suffering and lameness.

“Jake wants to stay outside, he’s less interactive with the family, limps while taking walks, and doesn’t want to play ball.”

"His first stem cell therapy (five years ago) was very successful. It allowed Jake to run, play ball and swim. This year we decided that due to his age, we should utilize the stem cells that were in storage. It is amazing how this has improved Jake’s functional ability. At age 11, Jake enjoys a full, pain free life of running, playing ball and especially swimming. I believe the stem cell injections have prolonged his life as well as his functional status." -Jerry & Debbie

The following testimonials have been submitted by owners on behalf of their pets. Vet-Stem wants you to remember that similar to other treatment options, not all pets respond to Vet-Stem cell therapy.