Dog & Cat Success Stories

Carol and Hannah

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"Our Border Collie, Hannah, has hip dysplasia and our orthopedic vet Dr. Pam Nichols, at Animal Care Center K-9 Rehab Center, told us both hips were equally bad, some of the worst she'd ever seen. She was afraid Hannah would have to have both hips replaced to ensure a long active life; but suggested that we try stem cells first. Hannah used to use her front paws to pull herself up at times after a lot of running or play and the arthritis was very invasive. She was not making any extra trips upstairs and was unable to even stand on her hind legs.

She is a certified therapy dog with Intermountain Therapy Animals and this skill was very useful when visiting in hospitals so that she could be petted by those unable to get out of bed. She was never able to stand on her hind legs and now she can - very important because many patients need her to put her front paws on their hospital bed so they can pet her.

Her digital x-rays 1 year after the surgery were so greatly improved that the doctor had her associates check the x-rays to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Her exact words were that "virtually all signs of the arthritis were gone" and that she was most likely pain free for the first time in her life.

My husband and I (and Hannah) cannot tell you how much Hannah's life has changed since her surgery. The results were better than we ever hoped for and are nothing short of amazing."